About the Hunkings


We are the two of the three Hunking boys. Matthew the oldest, lives in Richmond Hill working as a Funeral Director for Marshall Funeral Home. Aaron the youngest, lives at the store location in Grey Highlands.  Aaron works in the agriculture industry during the summers and Alberta oil and gas industry during the winter. As both of us were raised on the farm, the country side is always where we end up in our spare time. Beekeeping has become that time filler. It started as a hobby and seems to be growing year after year, colony after colony. Our bees are placed on a farm owned and operated by the middle Hunking boy (Josh), so it ends up being a family deal after all. Mom and dad are ever supportive whether checking bees or attending markets.  After many drives all over the country for bee equipment, we felt it was time to open our own beekeeping store to serve the local beekeepers and save on your travel time. With a quick phone call, email or text we can have your equipment needs ready for pick or drop off!



What a year 2017! Very happy to see it leave with the wet, cold summer it created a large challenge for beekeeping and farming. A huge thank you goes out to all the customers who supported Hunking Honey, and as well gave patience with us. The lessons learned were all accounted for to serve the customer better in 2018. Two large lessons were we gained buying experience (the cheapest is not the best way to go) and setting up a better billing system. From my brother and I, we are very excited to see what 2018 brings.


       Last year was a hard start with a huge bee death across Ontario. We ourselves had high mortality, but worked with what colonies made it through the winter season. Hive checks were done in February with strong hope but a late April snow storm and freeze put a huge stress on the hives resulting in a higher then normal death rate. A huge part of farming is learning to adapt to the old phrase "going to have live stock, going to have dead stock" not that we fluff off and think nothing of the dead hives but it is a reality. On a positive note the huge bee death also created a huge mite starvation creating very strong healthy summer hives. The hot dry summer brought for a weak honey flow in our area but things always to balance out with a very early golden rod bloom/ end of summer bloom giving an average honey crop. This past winter was long wet and cold, so far the hives all look strong. Light for weight meaning feed is required. We will keep pushing away and doing the best for the care of our bees. We plan on selling lot of nuc's and expanding everyone's apiaries!