About the Hunkings

Hunking Honey is a family venture, with the oldest and youngest Hunking boys spear heading the business. The oldest, Matthew Hunking, works as a Funeral Director for Marshall Funeral Home in Richmond Hill. The youngest, Aaron Hunking, works full time in the agricultural industry managing a variety of tasks from cash cropping to livestock. Both brothers were raised on the farm which has been in the family since 1978 and bee keeping seemed to naturally compliment their farming practices. What started out as a hobby in 2017, has blossomed into a joint family enterprise. With hives on the family farmstead and the middle Hunking boys farm (Josh), all members are actively involved in what is now the family honey business. Mum and Dad Hunking (Lois and Glenn) can also frequently be seen at the Farmers Market in Collingwood greeting customers and selling honey. It feels good to not only be able to share our beautiful honey with everyone, but to also be able to set up beginner apiarists with healthy hives and the right equipment. 
As of 2020 we have officially expanded Hunking Honey to include other straight-from-the-farm products such as our homegrown beef and pork. Now when you pick up your honey you can take a package of bacon home with you as well! 
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